Friday, 15 February 2019


Now that children can form the letter (c) automatically it makes other letters that start the same way so much easier. Today we were practicing writing the letter 'g'.

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Room 7 Self Portraits

Take a look at these amazing self portraits that Room 7 children did today.

Room 7 Newsletter

Dear Parents/Families

I want to extend to you and your child a very warm welcome. My name is Nicola Clarke and I will be your child’s teacher this year. I would also like to welcome Shelley Belcher our Learning Assistant who will be supporting me with the classroom programme. I have been teaching at Parkview Parua for a number of years now and enjoy working in the junior school. My husband and I recently moved out to North Loburn. I love the countryside with all its natural beauty. My main hobby is gardening and there’s a lot of that! I very much enjoy the surrounding scenery especially watching the deer who live in the neighbouring field.

I anticipate your child should quickly settle into classroom routines this year and establish some friendships. During the first few weeks at school children will learn the importance of listening and to follow instructions. They will also be encouraged to manage and organise themselves and to look after their belongings.

Below is some useful information about the classroom programme.

Alphabet/High Frequency Word Homework

Children have been given a bag of letters to keep in their reading folder so that you can continue to help reinforce classroom learning at home.

Children will be given high-frequency words to learn to read once they have mastered the alphabet.

Reading Homework

• A reading book will be sent home each night except Friday. Please listen to your child read each night and ask them some
questions about the story.
• Your child may be asked to read the same book two nights in a row as some text may be more challenging.
• Please record the name of the book, date and your signature in the reading notebook.
• Reading folders MUST be returned to school each day. Without a reading folder no new book will be sent home.


It is important that your child practice forming letters correctly for fluency and legibility.

• On entry children are encouraged to write most letters in lower case.
• The correct pencil grip is essential for good handwriting.
• I suggest children practice writing the letters (a/c/s/o/g/d/q) initially as these letters all start the same way.
• Your child may need extra support at home to practice writing their name.

Inquiry - Our school wide inquiry this Term is Change. Initially we will be focussed on one of our school values Whanaungatanga. Room 7 children will be:

• Developing their sense of belonging and learning to work together as a team to create a sense of family.
• Developing their social skills whilst learning about the importance of respect in and out of the classroom.


• Monday is sharing day. Your child can bring something interesting they would like to
share, e.g. special object, photo, or alternatively they can talk about an experience or event which is a great way to help develop their oral language skills.
• Toys and personal valuables are not to be brought to school unless specified.

General Information

Children have a sandwich break at 9:30am. Please ensure they have a sandwich wrapped separately for easy access. If your child does not eat bread please include a small fruit snack.

Children’s Clothing and Belongings

• Children are required to wear a hat in the playground in Terms 1 and 4.
• Please clearly label all of your child’s clothing and belongings including drink bottles and lunch boxes so that they can be
returned should they get lost.
• Suitable footwear is to be worn at school so children can participate fully in any outdoor activities without their shoes
falling off - no jandals please. Shoes with velcro are preferred unless your child can tie their own shoelaces.

School Day

• Please adhere to school hours as much as possible.
Give your child time to settle in the morning, to unpack their own bag and to do any classroom tasks.
• Please remain outside the classroom until the school day has ended at 2.45pm.
It is less distracting for children as they pack up and they can be released in an orderly manner.

You are welcome to make a time to discuss your child’s learning with me. We have a staff meeting each Tuesday after school so this day is not suitable. Alternatively you can e-mail me at the address below.

The home/school partnership is crucial to your child’s success. With your support I am looking forward to guiding your child’s learning and helping them to reach their full potential.

Kind regards
Nicola Clarke

Working together